The ONLY STATS platform SPECIFICALLY for bike parks

Standard Features

Bike park visits & key stats

The BikeParkPRO website provides insight and analysis on all your bike park shred sessions. Every bike park you visit, with total lap count, vertical, distance and ride time at each one.

Image: Whistler

The #bpro shred sheet

The user-generated #BPRO Shred Sheet is a ride summary built to share on Facebook and Twitter.


BikeParkPRO automatically analyses your ride data to place you on the community Leaderboards.

There are Leaderboards for the fastest time on each trail. And also for Laps, Vertical, and Distance, so even more riders have a chance of making a top spot!


Detailed lap by lap breakdown

Our awesome Trail Matching feature breaks down every lap you ride to show your ‘Trail Story’, showing full and partial matches from top to bottom!